How to use bitcoin for sports betting and online casino

Follow this tutorial to bet with Bitcoin

Betting with cryptocurrencies is a good way to not provide credit card or bank information and to remain anonymous. It is also a great way to make deposits and withdrawals in minutes without having to wait hours or even days to receive your money.

I believe that most of the people who arrived in this post know what bitcoin is. I personally use bitcoin to place sports betting, and it is by far the easiest and best way to use in this medium. I can purchase bitcoin instantly and make transfers to secure locations, deposit at any bookmaker that accepts bitcoin and receive all my winnings in my bank account. With bitcon you can transfer your coins from home to home.

The only downside is how volatile bitcoin is, but as you can see, there has been a steady increase in recent months that has made the currency a subject in Brazil’s best-known communication vehicle, Jornal Nacional.

If you are completely untrained, this guide will help you deposit via BTC. But know that you don’t need 1 bitcoin to bet, you can do that with, say, a percentage of a bitcoin.

Tutorial on how to use Bitcoin to bet

The first step is to have bitcoins

If you do not have bitcoin, you need to register on a secure platform and intended for the purchase of bitcoin, I suggest, a secure website and entirely in Portuguese to help with what you want.

Registering your account with Coinbase is very simple. It is a similar process to registering with Paypal or Neteller. You need to provide your name, home address, email address and cell phone number, after registration check your account in the registration email and after that start buying bitcoin. You can securely login to your banking website to use your checking account or choose two micro-deposits to be made to your account before buying bitcoin. The first option is an immediate deposit, while micro deposits can take 3 days.

After doing this, you are ready to buy bitcoins! For your security, Coinbase sends an SMS code to your cell phone. You will only access your account if you put the same number on the website that they sent by SMS. After buying the coins, create your bitcoin wallet.

The second step is to create a Bitcoin wallet

I suggest that you create a portfolio on Blockchain, the best known site in the world for this.

Enter your email address and create a password, and that’s it. Your wallet is now created. Click on “Start receiving bitcoins”. A unique 32-character code will appear next to a QR code. This is your wallet payment address. From, you will send the bitcoin you purchased to this address.

You can transfer Coinbase directly to a website, but it is important to use a wallet to maintain your privacy. The blockchain serves this purpose and is completely free.

Step three: send Bitcoins to your bookmaker

The easy part of the process of transferring bitcoin to bookmakers is that the process is identical everywhere. You start by selecting bitcoin in the same way that you select other payment methods. On the home deposit page, choose bitcoin as your payment method and select the amount you wish to deposit.

After selecting bitcoin and the deposit amount, the house will provide your bitcoin address. What you have to do is select the address and copy it. Enter your blockchain wallet and complete the transaction by placing the address the house provided there.

Follow the same process in reverse to request withdrawals, then send your bitcoin from your blockchain wallet to your coinbase account. From there you make your sales and provide your bank account details to be paid.

Which bookmakers accept Bitcoin?

Virtually all houses accept bitcoin. Many give bonuses to new bitcoin depositors, even though the latter has already received bonuses in another way. The best houses for Bitcoin: is a differentiated online betting house. You can deposit, play and withdraw money with Bitcoins only, this being the only currency accepted in the house. You can also build your bets.
New customers get freebets. The first simple pre-game bet of up to 5mbtc is risk-free


Rivalo has been in the Brazilian market for some time and has become an excellent option for bettors. The layout is very functional and the site responds quickly to clicks, in addition to providing withdrawals very quickly.
New customers who deposit via BTC receive 100% bonus up to $ 500


A reliable house, with a good number of markets and that arrived in the market with strength. Undoubtedly a good option for sports betting.
New customers are entitled to a 100% bonus up to $ 150 via BTC


1Xbit ONLY accepts cryptocurrencies and is the most anonymous betting site. They offer a bonus up to 7 times your first deposit and have very high odds.